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Federal Green Spending at Its End

The last decade focused a lot of attention on alternative energy sources such as solar and wind. While the federal government was pouring billions into its development jobs flourished, research grew and many in the green sector saw a chance at weaning the world off of natural resource produced energy. All that has changed, though, according to the financial crisis in which the federal government finds itself. Spending is being cut across the board, alternative energies no exception, according to a NY Alt News article, “States May Play Greater Clean Tech Role”.

The problem facing alternative energy production is explained in the article as,

“…(W)ithout Congressional action, federal clean tech spending will fall to just $11 billion by 2014, a drop-off that has already begun. Total federal spending is expected to reach just $16.1 billion in 2012, close to half of its level the previous year. Meanwhile, 70 percent of federal clean energy policies enacted in 2009 are set to expire in the next two years, according to the researchers’ analysis of 92 federal policies and programs.”